Public Open Space

The Innovation Arc is located between two of the city's largest natural assets - Woodhouse Moor and the River Aire - and contains Park Square and Millenium Square amongst other public open spaces.
The proposals set out within the SPD will better connect these spaces through green streets and a network of new areas of public realm. New planting will enhance biodiversity, improve air quality and create natural drainage. Spaces will be welcoming and accessible, creating safe places for people to meet, relax and play. 
Park Square
The SPD identifies a number of proposals relating to 'Public Open Space'. You can explore these proposals by: 
  • Downloading the Public Open Space map and reading the written summary below

Summary of Key Proposals

  • Creating a new city centre park within the Woodhouse Gateway neighbourhood between Jerusalem Chapel and the Dry Dock. This park could bring together existing pockets of greenspace within the neighbourhood and cover over the top of the A58 to create a large new area of public open space for the city as well as a new landmark at the heart of the Innovation Arc.
  • Creating a second city centre park which sits across the Great George Street bridge connection to the west and the existing LTHT Clarendon Wing site. A park in this location would improve links to surrounding neighbourhoods and join together existing green spaces at Hanover Square and Woodhouse Square to the emerging Leeds General Infirmary Developments. 
  • Creating public space around The Headrow and the Crown Court to become an extension of Victoria Square and connect Great George Street to Park Square to the south.
  • Creating a 'Linear Park' in front of the EC Stoner building within the University of Leeds campus . This could become a green route for people and nature, integrating opportunities for biodiversity, spill out activity, places to stop and dwell and provide access to nature.
  • Creating a second 'Linear Park' at Great George Street as it crosses the Inner Ring Road (A58) connecting into Woodhouse Square.  
  • Supporting opportunities to connect to, and activate, the River Aire and the canal by providing pockets of riverside spaces, gardens and new habitats, as well as improving permeability between new developments and the waterside.