Movement & Connectivity

The Innovation Arc is an important part of the city centre, providing jobs, learning opportunities and critical medical care. It also provides parks and local amenities for its own residential population along with those living in nearby communities.
At present, movement and connectivity across the area can be challenging. Pedestrian and cycle routes are not clear and are often indirect as a result of physical barriers like the Inner Ring Road (A58).



The SPD identifies a number of proposals relating to 'Movement and Connectivity'. You can explore these proposals by:


  • Downloading the Movement & Connectivity Map and reading the written summary of proposals below


Summary of Key Proposals

Summary of Key Proposals

  • Connecting Leeds City Station to the businesses and organisations operating in the Innovation Arc, through high quality and clear walking routes. This will also connect into the new proposals for improvements to City Square.
  • Establishing major routes for both walking and cycling on key east to west and north to south connections. These streets will become active travel corridors for the city and will: Prioritise walking and cycling, connect to wider surrounding neighbourhoods and include separated cycle lanes, cycle infrastructure and parking, wide footways, street trees, planting, sustainable drainage, innovative wayfinding, street furniture, play features and public art.
  • Creating and enhancing natural gateway public spaces where walking routes connect and providing spaces for people to meet and dwell on their journey.
  • Overcoming the physical barrier of the Inner Ring Road (A58) through improving key walking and cycling routes, particularly within the Woodhouse Gateway neighbourhood.
  • Improving pedestrian connectivity through the hospital campus wherever it can be achieved, while avoiding conflict with the hospital's development plans and operations.
  • Ensuring that new development within the area is future-proofed for Electric Convenience Vehicles (ECVs), maximises cycle infrastructure and sensitively incorporates car parking into its design.
  • Supporting the delivery of Public Transport Priority Routes at the heart of the Innovation Arc. Details of future Leeds Public Transport Priority Routes through the city centre are yet to be determined. An imagined route would run along the spine of the Innovation Arc, linking Leeds City Station and the Southbank to Harehills. This would bring modern, sustainable transport modes to the heart of the Arc, reducing north-south travel times, creating potential hubs around stops and providing connections to the wider area. As detailed plans for Public Transport Priority Routes emerge, more detailed guidance may be developed to ensure that its potential benefits are maximised within the Innovation Arc.

The identified Public Transport Priority Routes can also be view by:

- Downloading the Public Transport Priority Route Map and summary of proposals below.