Inclusive Growth Leeds

Tom Riordan and Charles Egbu in conversation with our call to action to download the new IG strategy

Creating growth in our economy that works for everyone.

Find out more about our ambitious plans for Inclusive Growth in Leeds in our NEW STRATEGY or download our fully accessible version.



The letter G for Growth with infilled photos of a young women and man manufacturing as well as Leeds Town Hall, trains and buses and graphic elements representing growth in the city

Inclusive Growth

It’s right that we focus on inclusive growth, as for Leeds to be truly successful we need everyone living in the city to have the opportunity to flourish. This means focussing on tackling inequality, supporting all sections of our society into better jobs, raising skill levels and making Leeds an attractive place to start, scale, innovate and invest in a business. It also means helping people to live healthy and active lives, creating a transport system that means people don’t need a car to get to work and ensuring nobody is left behind in the transition to a net zero economy.

The text Big Ideas in white on a green background

Our Big Ideas

Our previous growth strategy was published in 2018 and focussed on three priorities: people, place and productivity. Since then we’ve worked hard to deliver growth throughout a really challenging economic period. To continue this mission we refined our priorities into nine Big Ideas which are the foundation of our strategy.

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Three spotlights underpin all of our ambitions. Leeds Anchors are key to the delivery of the Inclusive Growth Strategy and the future of our local communities. Our Journey to Net Zero is more than a single key move, requiring a city-wide effort to help our people and businesses to thrive. We are embracing Digital Leeds, recognising that digital underpins our economy and being proactive about transformation and innovation.

A graphic illustrating our three pillar approach to our city ambition made up of inclusive Growth, our journey to net zer and a focus on health and wellbeing in the city

City Ambition

We are one of the most collaborative cities in Europe and believe Leeds has developed a reputation as the place people come to try things out. This strategy will help us deliver our Best City Ambition to tackle poverty and inequality and to improve the quality of life for everyone who calls Leeds home. Our Team Leeds approach has meant we’ve developed strong partnerships that have been fundamental in delivering inclusive growth.