We will make our places work by putting people first. We will create a city where you don’t need a car, and deliver jobs and homes in the right places, ensuring our city and local centres thrive and build resilience for the future.

White Rose Ingenuity Hub concept image

Growth Areas

We have identified current locations for growth across the city to create jobs and investment.

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Transport and Connectivity

Through our Connecting Leeds Transport Strategy we are making a city where you don't need a car, helping us to tackle climate change as well as achieving Vision Zero where active travel is prioritised and road danger eliminated. Leeds required an integrated transport system including Mass Transit, rail investment and bus reform to become as productive as other parts of the UK.

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City Centre and Local High Streets

We are continuing to focus on developing a liveable, attractive and vibrant city centre in light of continued growth and development and a stronger demand for retail, leisure, culture and the night-time economy where people are choosing to visit at weekends. At the same time, we are supporting our local centres and high streets to respond to changes in the economy and diversify, as well as being attractive community centres.

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Connecting Communities

We are building on our work in the last 10 years to restitch the city centre to the south of the river into South Bank, delivering regeneration that will connect with and directly benefit the people living in surrounding neighbourhoods.