Our journey to Net Zero

An image of 10 wooden blocks with the words net zero on one and then various sustainable graphics on the other blocks, including recycling, planting trees and others

Leeds is leading the way on climate action, with work ongoing to continue on our journey to Net Zero. 

We need to help our businesses transition to net zero, which means decarbonising but also embracing new economic opportunities which benefit business and the environment.

We want to help people to live healthy and active lives, creating a transport system that means people don’t need a car to get to work and ensuring nobody is left behind in the transition to a green economy.


An image of Leeds Headrow with yellow graphics of pipes running either side of the image


Over 26km of underground pipes have been installed that deliver heat via hot water to buildings connected to the district heating network. Over 1,800 homes, public sector and commercial buildings are connected to the £62m scheme which is expanding rapidly.

The progress of the flood alleviation scheme phase two - showing partial building works within the river aire

Flood Alleviation 

The first stage has been in place for the past five years and has helped to protect 3,000 residential properties and 500 businesses employing 22,000 people from flooding. Phase 2 of the scheme is projected to complete in 2023.

An aerial photo of Roundhay Park in the autumn showing the orange and brown leaves on the trees and the lake

Green Skills

We are continuing our work with education organisations and skills providers to equip the next generation with the skills they need to be successful in the green economy, as well as upskilling the workforce so that they are resilient in the face of change and can access better jobs in net zero.

An image of the sustainble development of Citu home in Leeds. Wooden clad buildings which are built to a highly sustainable spec

Net Zero Homes

£100m of social housing decarbonisation projects in addition to external funding, as well as targeting other public buildings and the owner occupier market.

Zixtel image

Business Spotlight

Zixtel specialises in IT hardware and has moved towards a circular economy business model. It recently received investment through the Business Enterprise Fund to expand its recycling and recovery facility based at Thorp Arch, Wetherby, and its mission is now to ‘close the loop’ by creating a new source of supply of raw materials for the electronics industry and ensuring nothing goes into landfill.