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Exciting start-ups like Freeze Debt are helping to solve societal problems. As the UKs leading debt advice and solutions app and the first of its kind, they are changing the way the debt industry works and adapting the debt solution process to suit its users. Since launching in May 2019, the app has helped thousands of those struggling with debt and financial worries pay off over £30m of debt.

Or Tred, who helps people understand the real impact their choices have on the planet. They are launching the UK’s first green debit card. They calculate the carbon emissions of every transaction made, giving an accurate, personalised carbon footprint and have personalised plans for off-setting.

Digibete provides services to support diabetes care, helping to solve growing problems in our fast-changing society. Their video platform and app creates a one-stop-shop for young people’s diabetes management.

When companies need to scale-up we are here. Leeds is a great place to raise capital and has the right mix of investors, mentoring, and collaboration. NorthInvest is a not-for-profit organisation that that has supported over 750 entrepreneurs. Northern Gritstone, co-founded by the University of Leeds is dedicated to financing companies in some of the UK’s fastest growing sectors such as advanced materials, energy, health technology and cognitive computation.

Companies are choosing Leeds as a place to scale, like Crisp who offer real-time risk intelligence protecting brands, assets and people from reputational damage, security threats and online harms – alerting teams to risks within the digital chatter before their become a crisis, using AI technology.

We have industry leaders such as EMIS, TPP and Neotherix based here and businesses like BJSS, Infinity works and Hippo Digital who are transforming the NHS.

Businesses are thriving in Leeds, and that’s why Channel 4 decided to make the city its base with their new national headquarters. Tapping in to our digital and creative talent, Channel 4 created 4Studio which within a year of its launch has become the UK's most viewed social branded content partner.