XR Games

XR Games is an award-winning game development studio specialising in immersive AR and VR content. Led by a team of AAA veterans from studios like Rockstar, EA, Codemasters, Sumo, Team 17 and Dubit, XR Games has created fantastic games for some of the world's biggest & most iconic names, including Rovio, Sony Pictures, Dreamworks, BBC, Lego & more.

XR Games was recognised on FEBE's 2023 Watch List for Delivering Outstanding Growth and Achieving Exceptional Success. It is currently expanding into New Zealand as the business continues to grow.

XR Games workplace

"We believe immersive games should be enjoyed by everyone.

Our goal is to make:

  • Accessible games. We make fun and award-winning games that can be played by everyone
  • Branded games. We're trusted by some of the largest IP owners to make games that appeal to everyone¬†
  • Community games that can be enjoyed by everyone, together.¬†

The ABC of XR"

Bobby Thandi, CEO and Founder