Why do we need the Future Talent Plan?

Our labour market is changing, the policy landscape has shifted and we need to re-set our approach to supporting talent and skills in Leeds.

Young people giving a talk
Digital infographic
More people will need digital skills, and people without digital skills are being locked out of the labour market
Net zero infographic
To transition to Net-Zero, more green jobs will be created, as well as existing jobs being in high demand or requiring upskilling
Culture infographic
The cultural and creative sector has helped drive our recovery and will continue to do so as LEEDS 2023 Year of Culture takes place
Manufacturing infographic
Manufacturing is our region’s export base and is a major employer, but the industry has faced supply chain disruption and staff shortages
Retail hospitality infographic
Retail and hospitality have struggled in the pandemic, affected by subdued footfall and the growth of e-commerce
Care infographic
The number of people working in care has fallen and there are labour shortages in the city
Flexible working infographic
There has been a move towards flexible working amongst companies which has helped productivity but can limit the ability to innovate and collaborate

What did you say in our public consultation?

In 2021, we held a public consultation where you told us about what we need to do as a city to be resilient in the next 3-5 years and into the long term.