Creating the UK’s leading green neo-bank

Tred is on a mission to make money work for people and planet.

Designed from the outset to help people understand the real impact their choices have on the planet, Tred has created the UK’s first green debit card that helps fight climate change effortlessly, every time you spend.

tred card

The Tred card

The Tred card plants trees as you spend; and it tracks your carbon footprint. It’s even made of recycled plastic. Every time you spend, money goes to reforestation projects – both here in Yorkshire and around the world.  


The Tred app calculates the carbon emissions of every transaction made, giving an accurate, personalised carbon footprint. It keeps track of spending categories so you can learn which aspects of your lifestyle contribute to your footprint so you can take effective action. It recommends the most effective switches to help shrink your footprint.


Tred will analyse customers’ behaviour and suggest sustainable swaps you can make from the range of brands and offers in our marketplace.

There are currently over 70 sustainable options in the Tred marketplace. These have been carefully curated to ensure they are all trustworthy, credible, and will genuinely reduce customers’ carbon emissions. Tred will add more brands over time as they learn more about their customers’ preferences and behaviour.


Tred makes it easy to offset your carbon footprint each month by calculating the carbon footprint for every purchase and offsetting that amount.  Tred offers a range of offsetting plans for you to choose from. They have 4 plans containing 9 offsetting projects around the world, giving their customers the choice of different methods of offsetting.

All the projects in the plans are verified by expert third parties to ensure their environmental impact is measurable and long-lasting.

Made in Yorkshire

Leeds was a natural choice for Tred, thanks to its deep pool of both tech and finance talent.

Leeds is also a leader in sustainability research, thanks to the University of Leeds and the Priestley International Centre for Climate, making it the ideal city for building the UK’s leading green neo bank.  

Tred founder Pete Kirby said:

‘Being in Leeds and operating a hybrid working model gives us access to talent from across the UK, whilst being able to tap into the strong local tech community’.