Empowering radiologists with AI to provide timely and accurate image diagnosis.

Seeai are a Medtech company that develops solutions to solve the shortage of radiologists. The demand for imaging diagnostic services is significantly higher than the capacity to handle them. They have a multidisciplinary team of experts working towards a future where patients can get their medical imaging diagnosis within minutes.

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Fraxpert is an AI-supported fracture diagnostic system to deliver fast and accurate plain film interpretation. Radiologists and A&E clinicians are exhausted and overworked. Fraxpert aims to bridge the gap between supply and demand for image diagnostic interpretation, so that patients receive their correct diagnosis at the first point of consultation and radiologists never have to work outside their contracting hours.


Confident Fracture Detection

Fraxpert aims to support radiologists and frontline clinicians by confidently confirming the presence or absence of fractures in x-ray images, the same way as expert radiologists.