Leeds startup PrinSIX is transforming digital customer journeys -  making it easier and quicker to access services

Financial services and utility businesses rely on digital customer journeys to understand consumers before onboarding them.

Unfortunately, today’s online application forms and processes are shaped to a one-size-fits-all design inherited from the age of hard-copy documents.

That’s what Leeds based PrinSIX is changing. By personalising application questions, the PrinSIX platform minimises the online digital journey for each customer – creating journeys that are as short as they can be but as long as they need to be.  The result – everyone can get access to appropriate services that suit their needs and circumstances.

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An example of how PrinSIX is making a difference

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Making Social Tariffs truly available:
4.2 million households are eligible for Social Tariffs  - giving affordable access to broadband. But take up is low meaning millions of households across the country are missing out on savings of £144 a year.

KCOM is one utilities providers to benefit from PrinSIX’s technology. The partnership with PrinSIX means eligible customers get access to this important support in minutes, fully digitally, rather than weeks with the previous paper based approach

Tim Shaw, KCOM Chief Executive, says:

“By moving our Flex application online using the PrinSIX technology we are making it far easier and quicker for our customers to be accepted onto our Flex social tariff.”

How it works

PrinSIX’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) no-code platform empowers organizations to create personalised customer onboarding processes without the need for expensive and slow software development. It orchestrates every element of a journey -  UX, Communication,  Data, Analytics, Back Office and Open Banking to create and optimise the most effective customer experience possible. The result is a faster, painless and integrated experience for customers, while businesses enjoy lower setup, operational and technology related costs

Julian Graham-Rack, CEO of PrinSIX explains:

“Traditional assessment journeys create barriers to accessing services, often excluding those in our communities that need most help, because they circumstances are complex and hard to assess quickly and simply. The PrinSIX approach treats each applicant as an individual, by making the process completely personalised and relevant to them. The result is even the most vulnerable in today’s digital world can be fully understood”

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Basing your startup in Leeds

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Julian thinks that Leeds is the ideal base for fintech startup businesses.  He says:

”Leeds has a vibrant tech community that creates an exceptional environment to innovate.  For PrinSIX, the city’s long history in financial services made it the natural place to build a new FinTech.  Technology innovation is all about access to talent, and Leeds has lots of talent, continually fed from some of the UK’s leading universities.”