Our big ideas

A graphic showing our nine big ideas focusing on three areas  of people, place and productivity. The nine ideas include innovation, education, supporting businesses, ending poverty, transport, investing in our towns and highstreets, promoting Leeds as a global destination and connecting our communities

P shaped letter in turquoise blue with graphics and image of Leeds representing the people section of our IG strategy. The Town Hall features as does a train and a bus as well as people manufacturing


We are looking at the issues surrounding poverty and inequality, its impacts on health and how we can improve this, how we can support businesses to create more better paid, secure jobs, and make the most of training and education in the city to meet local needs.


A P representing the place element of our strategy - there are building and cranes as well a train weaving into the large letter


We will make our places work by putting people first. We will create a city where you don’t need a car, and deliver jobs and homes in the right places, ensuring our city and local centres thrive and build resilience for the future.

A large P representing the productivity element of our IG strategy, the large letter features images of Nexus and the first direct arena


We can improve productivity in Leeds and enable businesses to innovate and grow. We are looking closely at how we can continue to build the profile of Leeds for the region and the UK.