Employees could be retired for longer than they worked.  Who helps them plan for this next stage? Next-Up supports employers with a range of services for directors, partners and employees to understand the impact of retirement; inspire them with ideas and create a plan to use their skills in new ways, ensuring their wellbeing into the future.

"Leeds is proud to have Next-up as part of our innovation ecosystem, their community of ‘unretired’ mentors is making a really positive impact for our ambitious entrepreneurs.

As a business they are addressing a real gap in the market, ensuring that the ‘unretired’ continue to make a positive impact on the economy whilst also maintaining their health and wellbeing by finding a continued purpose through sharing their knowledge and experience."  Eve Roodhouse, Chief Officer Culture and Economy, Leeds City Council

Next-Up event

A generation of wasted talent

Watch the TEDx talk from Victoria Tomlinson, Chief Executive of Next-Up


Next-Up workshops

Next-Up runs workshops (physical and online) for partners aged 50+ in professional firms to inspire with ideas and create a plan for life after the firm. Working with an executive search firm and Private Equity non-executive directors, they give a realistic picture of the non-executive market. With the help of 20+ external speakers, they show dozens of different ways for people to use their skills. 100% of partners – from big 4 accountancy firms, Magic Circle and other law firms – say they recommend these to their peers. Before the workshop, typically around 70% of partners are apprehensive and uncertain about their futures – this completely flips so that 70% of partners leave their firms excited about their futures.

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The Next-Up platform

Next-Up has developed an online platform to help employees pre-retirement, so they leave work excited about their futures and as ambassadors for their employers.

The ten modules explore what purpose looks like, after full-time work; how to stay healthy longer; and shares dozens of peer stories about possibilities. Some modules cover the new skills that may be helpful, such as building new connections, and show how to change people’s perceptions of them, when they want to try new things. Alongside the modules, they build a plan for their future.

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