Tech Skills Bootcamp partnership to support local upskilling

UA92 free skills bootcamps

Author: Paul Lewis, Cross Solutions Business Development Director, Microsoft

In January, Microsoft in partnership with Leeds City Council and UA92, kicked off a pilot programme to upskill the UK’s future tech workforce within Manchester and Leeds. The pilot will empower 31 individuals to start – or transition – into tech careers, by giving them access to technology, specialist mentors from Microsoft and its partners and community support. In doing so, we’ll provide access to those who would have traditionally been left out of digital innovation and create a more diverse tech sector that benefits everyone. 

As part of the programme, we are running initially two Bootcamps: Cloud Infrastructure and Data. With the support of UA92, each cohort will receive interactive, hands-on learning like cloud design, python, encryption, and data management alongside valuable life skills like interviewing, goal setting, and confidence building. At the end, they’ll have completed certifications and interviews to take them into the next stage of their career. 

We can’t wait to cheer this cohort on over the 10-week programme. As part of this programme, we are working with organisations based in the Leeds region to create apprenticeship placements.  If your organisation would like to support this initiative – or future Bootcamps - please get in touch. Our ambition is to upskill over 4500+ individuals in the region by 2028! 

One of the Bootcamp learners shared some comments regarding their experience so far:  

“I just had another session with Ian and it has been near biblical in revelations about how to work on my CV and possible interview questions based off of it. Combined with the feedback from Amber I think I have a master blueprint on my hands. I'd just like to take a moment to thank you for allowing us on the course access to the mentors you have availed to us and to singularly point out that my particular mentor is a beacon of light, the guy's expertise and experience just bleed out of the screen as you talk to him. I'm very excited about my future in the field and this is a wonderful head start, you guys are doing great work!” 

Councillor Jonathan Pryor, Deputy Leader of Leeds City Council and Executive Member for Economy, Culture and Education said:- 

"Empowering individuals with access to training for better jobs not only bridges the skills gap but also unlocks doors to a thriving future. In a rapidly changing labour market, providing the right opportunities not only transforms lives but also fuels the growth of businesses, creating a symbiotic ecosystem where success knows no bounds."