Luminate Education Group

We will continue to develop and improve provision and services so that it better meets the needs of the communities and people of Leeds and beyond. We will undertake regular reviews of how well the education or training provided by the college meets local needs, in particular needs relating to local employment. We will seek to play a vital role in meeting the skills needs that the city and region will need to thrive in a changing economy as part of its Inclusive Growth Strategy.

Our core purpose is to enable and improve social mobility. We will harness every resource available to accelerate progression, improve the achievements and destinations of our students and remove every possible barrier within our influence.

We will seek to expand our provision in education and training and skills and qualities sought by employers. This will enable our students to access employment that is more skilled, better paid and more secure. This means building and strengthening our relationships with employers and their representatives, communities in all parts of Leeds and beyond, local authorities, the Local Enterprise Partnerships, funding agencies, third sector organisations and other education providers. We will develop strong partnership working with key regional and local stakeholders to refresh and promote effective employer engagement.

We will continue to develop curriculum pathways that will equip individuals with the skills needed for a carbon neutral economy.

The Leeds City College People Strategy ensures the continued development of colleagues so that the best combination of motivation, a positive culture and talent is achieved. Ways to celebrate success, increase pride and ownership, as well as enjoyment, will be encouraged and supported, including opportunities for staff to meet, socialise and complete training together. The ‘Luminate Group Leadership Competency Framework’ will continue to inform a cross group rolling Leadership Development Programme focused on developing a purpose driven family of Luminate organisations. Leaders at every level will be supported through a new People Management Essentials programme. This will include conventional and contemporary leadership theory to drive a culture of kindness and caring, focusing on the individual as a leader. We will deliver a professional development programme that is aligned to career stage and aspirations, with increasing focus on mastery, excellence and research informed practice.

The vast majority of students and apprentices will progress to further/ higher education or employment with training. There will be excellent information, advice and guidance for students to ensure positive destinations are maximised.

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