Love in Care

Love in Care, born from the vision of Nazir Begum, the founder's mother, is a provider of culturally appropriate support disability care services in Leeds. It uniquely employs staff with lived experience in family upbringing and caregiving. 

With a focus on predominantly female employees from Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi communities in Leeds' deprived areas, Love In Care values financial independence. The organization is dedicated to the development of its workforce, offering roles like Health and Wellbeing Ambassador and Freedom To Speak Up Guardian.

Love In Care's achievements encompass providing secure employment, reducing reliance on welfare benefits, enhancing English proficiency, facilitating driving lessons, and supporting mortgage commitments. The organization proudly challenges the notion of "hard to reach" by adopting the motto "want to reach," celebrating the invaluable lived experiences of its team as the backbone of its services.

The organisation pledges to invest in each employee's development and work in partnerships to achieve progression to senior positions. This will enable the sustainability and growth of Love In Care and their careers.


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