Over 90 research centres, programmes and projects are now based at the Institute and their infrastructure also supports in excess of £75 million research across the university.

Growing through support from a network of local and national collaborators, LIDA is becoming a major powerhouse for research, civic engagement and business growth in the North of England and beyond.

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The fundamental goal for LIDA's research is to build foundations for a future where the utilisation of data is a major driver of prosperity and well-being.

LIDA delivers their ambitious vision by conducting inter-disciplinary and impact-oriented research that addresses regional, national and global challenges, by applying cutting-edge science to real-world problems. While always recognising the important legal, ethical and societal implications of these techniques.

    This research, delivered with their partners is focused around four key themes:

    • Health informatics
    • Urban analytics
    • Statistical and mathematical methods
    • Visualisation and immersive technologies