Led and funded by some of the city's top employers, Growing Talent Digital Leeds is an annual programme of interactive activities that help young people understand that digital skills will help them access exciting and rewarding careers.

The programme is designed to address the specific skills gaps in digital and develop a pipeline of talent for the city by targeting young people that do not currently see their place in these jobs. Working together we aim to break down barriers and address misconceptions to improve the diversity of the future workforce and ensure digital jobs are accessible to everyone.

Ahead Partnership is at the heart of the approach, bringing partners together to help them work together and turning plans and ideas into concrete action to ensure digital skills are driven forward across the city. Growing Talent Digital Leeds involves a year-round programme of exciting careers and skills activities led by employers such as masterclasses, careers panels, festivals and events. The programme includes a mix of in-person and virtual activities to be able to reach as many young people as possible through the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, and activities range from city-wide skills events to workshops delivered at individual schools and colleges. Together we want to gradually reach every secondary school and college in Leeds with these inspiring and valuable experiences.



Growing Talent Digital Leeds

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