At Coptrz Ltd, we are committed to fostering inclusive growth, empowering individuals in the workforce to learn new skills, advance in their careers, and embrace job mobility. As we focus on raising the bar for inclusive recruitment, creating better jobs, and cultivating healthy workplaces, we aim to maximize employment and skills opportunities while harnessing the collective power of our organization to enable both people and businesses to thrive.

To achieve this vision, we recognize the importance of utilising and strengthening our existing assets. By leveraging our diverse talents, experiences, and perspectives, we can create an environment that supports continuous learning and development. We will invest in training programs and initiatives that equip our workforce with the skills needed to succeed in an evolving industry. By doing so, we empower individuals to adapt, grow, and explore new career pathways, both within our organization and beyond.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to nurturing clear talent pipelines by promoting progression pathways and fostering collaboration across our city.

By partnering with other businesses, educational institutions, and community organizations, we can identify opportunities for joint initiatives that support career advancement and create sustainable pathways for professional growth. Together, we can build a vibrant ecosystem that offers diverse and fulfilling career opportunities for individuals in Leeds.

As part of our commitment to inclusive growth, we recognise the crucial role of good quality careers education. By actively supporting and participating in careers education programs, we ensure that young people are well-informed, inspired, and equipped with the necessary qualifications to access job opportunities within our city. We will collaborate with schools, colleges, and local authorities to provide valuable insights and guidance, demonstrating the rich and diverse opportunities that Leeds has to offer.

It is essential that we engage with young people and showcase the potential for meaningful careers here in Leeds. By highlighting the myriad possibilities and celebrating the talents and contributions of individuals from all backgrounds, we inspire the next generation to envision a future within our city. Through our actions and achievements, we will demonstrate that Leeds is a city where career aspirations can be realised, providing a fertile ground for personal and professional growth.


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