Ahead Partnership

For the last 16 years Ahead Partnership has been helping businesses of all sizes and sectors to deliver social value projects that overcome inequality, promote opportunity and deliver positive change within society. We believe that it takes the combined resources of business, public and community partners to build a successful and resilient society where everyone, regardless of their background, can flourish.

We were founded in Leeds and so working with our private and public sector partners in the city we will continue to:

  • Work with education partners and young people in Leeds to help them achieve their aspirations, develop valuable employability skills and improve their careers knowledge
  • Work across key sectors of Leeds’ economy to strengthen the talent pipeline and improve diversity, inclusion and social mobility
  • Help Leeds businesses design and deliver successful Environmental, Social and Governance programmes that offer participants insight into their industries and tackle skills deficits
  • Help the local public and private sectors to connect, collaborate and achieve meaningful results for Leeds’ people together

For more information about the work we do to help Leeds and other cities and regions to become more inclusive, thriving societies please visit the link below