Yorkshire Sustainability Week 3-7 July 2023

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A new festival of events focused on sustainability is coming to Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Sustainability Week is designed to strengthen, inspire and expand our sustainable business community.

Whether you’re a seasoned sustainability expert or just starting out, this festival of events is for anyone who wants to hear from experts in the field and learn more about initiatives that are already happening across Leeds, Yorkshire and the UK.

Yorkshire Sustainability week will see a series of events which will provide business leaders with the opportunity to increase their knowledge on how they, can drive sustainable change.

The benefits of attending

  • Gain insights and learn the initiatives to build a greener business
  • Grow your entrepreneurial mind to the possibilities in sustainability for your business
  • Be inspired by trailblazers who have paved the way in sustainability
  • Tackle hard hitting home truths on why we need to act now
  • Make a pledge to do the right thing for our planet

Everyone has a part to play so come and join the green revolution that’s about to take place.